Harnessing the Power of the Quantum Vacuum - Science Explained

Harnessing the Power of the Quantum Vacuum - Science Explained

More than thirty five years of research and development has led to inventor and physicist Nassim Haramein's ARK crystal, the first public consumer application of his unified field theory and the first phase in a series of new technologies from Haramein’s laboratories.

Space is full of fluctuating energy—referred to technically as quantum vacuum energy. The ARK crystal is precision engineered to specifically couple with the structure of the vacuum to harness and allow optimal access to that energy, generating greater system coherence and enhancing the bioavailability of water.

The ARK crystal is a wearable device. Engineered to serve as a tool for individuals to access and align with the coherent and harmonic frequencies of the quantum vacuum field, this technology supports overall well-being and promotes a greater sense of connection and awareness.

Quantum Vacuum

Scientists have discovered that when all classical sources of matter and energy are removed, creating what is referred to as a vacuum, there is still energy present, even at absolute zero temperature.

This discovery has redefined empty space with the definition of a quantum vacuum – a substantive quantized medium filled with harmonic zero-point energy oscillations, also known as the zero-point energy field. This sea of continuous energetic oscillations has now been identified by some physicists as the elemental source of all mass, forces, form, and structure. To give rise to mass, forces, form, and structure, the harmonic oscillators of the  quantum vacuum must be organized in collective states, like condensates, such that vacuum energy is not randomly fluctuating, but becomes unidirectional. The ARK Crystal and the vacuum engineering technology that energizes the ARK crystal resonators are one such method by which the strongly correlated energy flux of the quantum vacuum is harnessed via coupling of harmonic frequencies of the crystal resonators and vacuum oscillations. 

The geometry of these oscillation modes are now being discovered by scientists to have very fundamental functions at the base of reality, and that this constant flux of quantum energy is intrinsically and integrally entangled.

This universal entanglement network of quantum vacuum energy is the unification field that connects all things. The multiply-connected vacuum energy structure that connects all things is the conduit of information exchange between all organized matter, and is therefore a reservoir of memory, what is termed spacememory. It is this unified spacememory network that informs and connects all things to produce coherence, order, and systems intelligence– with the ARK Crystal, you will be connected into this universal info-energy network for maximal coherence and revitalization. 

Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR)

The HFR technology, developed by one of Haramein’s laboratories for over a decade, creates a rapidly rotating electromagnetic field that couples the ARK Crystals to the energy flux of the quantum vacuum via resonance.

This electromagnetic modulation and resonance coupling occurs within a specially designed copper chamber, isolated from external interference. The circularly polarized harmonic electromagnetic spin-field causes resonant effects, which couples the ARK crystals to  specific harmonic frequencies of a dual-torus topology of the quantum vacuum energy structure.

In other words, the HFR’s field affects the ARK crystals in a way that induces a highly-organized and stable state of vibration, or resonance. This process creates the ARK crystal’s highly coherent field, and they will continue to maintain that resonance even after they are removed from the chamber (unless they are damaged).

For those who prefer more scientific detail about this device: The HFR  is an electromagnetic resonance generator, so it generates a circularly polarized electromagnetic field with clockwise-counterclockwise dual-torus topology (considering both its hemispheres). This electromagnetic field accelerates charges (electrons and nuclei) in the quartz crystal lattice, this in turn generates harmonic acoustic oscillations of the crystal lattice. When these harmonic acoustic oscillations hit the resonant frequency of the ARK crystal, the vibratory modes couple with the field modes (harmonic oscillators) of the quantum vacuum zero-point energy field. This coupling generates a constant phonon flux into the crystal lattice, so that the harmonic mechanical vibrations continue indefinitely, even when removed from the electromagnetic field of the HFR.


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