Cleaning Your ARK Crystal

Cleaning Your ARK Crystal

We want to help you keep your ARK crystal looking as shiny and new as when you first opened the box! How you use your ARK crystal will determine the frequency of how often you should clean it. For example, if you wear it everyday with the pendant touching your skin or even at the gym, you may want to clean it more often. If you typically use it in your water bottle, we recommend just wiping it down as you see fit.

Here, you’ll find some tips for proper cleaning and answers to common questions like:

  • How do I clean my ARK crystal?
  • Can I soak my ARK crystal?
  • Am I supposed to smudge or clear my ARK crystal after a session?
  • Does my ARK crystal need to be recharged?
  • Should I charge my ARK crystal under the moon?

Crystal Clear ARK Cleaning Instructions

Over time, your ARK crystal and its accessories may accumulate oils from your body and substances from other surfaces. This may appear as dirt along the edges of your crystal, or you might notice that your pendant or its chain left a little mark on your shirt.

To clean your ARK crystal, you can use a high-grade natural vinegar solution or a jewelry cleaning spray. These options are preferable to harsh chemicals, keeping in mind the well-being of our planet.If you need to disinfect your ARK crystal, especially when it has been handled by others or placed on different clients, consider using an alcohol-based jewelry cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol.

Apply your cleaning solution of choice with a spray bottle. You can use a polishing cloth for general cleaning or apply a cotton swab (biodegradable if possible) for the harder to get spots. Let everything air dry and touch up with a polishing cloth, as needed.

For those who use a crystal in the bottom of the ARK water bottle, we recommend e also recommend wiping down your crystal if you

If you notice that the back of your pendant (the side that rests on your chest) is substantially dirty, a brief rinse should not cause damage to its magnets. Avoid submerging or soaking the crystal, as it may leave residue and expose the internal magnets to the risk of rust.

Clearing or Smudging ARK Crystals

Some practitioners use sage, palo santo, cedar, or other methods to clear or smudge their ARK crystals in between clients or after general use. We are often asked if this is required. For this, we recommend and encourage you to do what feels intuitive and right for you. Our participation in this universe is all about intention and our experience relies heavily on our belief systems, and we trust that all methods are approached with respect and understanding.

The ARK crystal’s molecular structure and electromagnetic treatment creates the resonance coupling or link with the structure of the vacuum that the ARK maintains indefinitely (unless physically broken/cracked). This, in and of itself, can be considered a constant clearing; however, one’s personal practice is just as significant.

If you use ARK crystals in your practice, we do recommend cleaning them in between clients or sessions according to the instructions above.

Recharging Your ARK Crystal

The ARK crystal does not require a recharge or any additional treatment. It is engineered to maintain its electromagnetic (EM) treatment indefinitely. Any alteration to the crystal's molecular structure, such as cracks or chips in the quartz, or boiling the crystal in water, will affect its original and coherent structure and EM treatment.

We are often asked if the ARK crystal requires charging under the direct moonlight. While this is not required; again, consciousness and intention are powerful and crucial aspects to governing our reality in the physical world. So, if it is in your practice to present your crystals to the moon, it will not cause damage to your ARK crystal. We do recommend checking the forecast, as extended exposure to rain may increase the risk of rust stains on the quartz. If the forecast is clear, we say go for it!

Fun fact: When people traditionally charge their crystals under the full moon, the intention is to modulate the crystals with the naturally occurring subtle energy peaks that coincide with lunar cycles – tuning to the field. While the conscious intention offers enhancement, the ARK crystal remains in sync with the cycles of the moon, as it is coupled to spacetime geometry - constantly evolving in its configuration, as a result of all elements of our solar system and beyond.

We hope that you found this article helpful and feel clear on cleaning your ARK crystal. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions!


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